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High pressure jetting is a method for removing blockages and the build-up of debris, leaves, fats, oils, grease, sludge, or slurry from drainage systems. Regular jetting helps to maintain a healthy drainage system that performs effectively.

How does High PRESSURE JETTING work?

Water jetting is conducted by placing a high pressure hose into a drain. Water is them pumped down the hose creating a powerful stream that is strong enough to break down congestion. The pressurised water is sprayed from a small nozzle, creating a direct stream that can cut through almost anything. The force can break obstructions into small pieces and clear out the drain or sewer system quickly and successfully.

What are the benefits?

High pressure jetting leaves drains clean and helps maintain them for future use. Drains play a crucial role out on our roads, helping to drain off rainwater and keep highways and footpaths safe for use. Regular jetting as part of a routine maintenance plan helps to ensure drains perform consistently and effectively and helps to prevent the risk of a blockage. This is a cost effective method that saves you from any incurred costs as a result of blocked and ineffective drains.
Utility Site Solutions - Our highly skilled Vacuum Excavation Team at work in Stafford

Who is responsible for the waste?

After drain or pipe descaling and cleaning have been completed, our team organises the collection and disposal of any waste remaining on-site. All wastewater and debris are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner in landfill or recycling plants. 

Why use high pressure jetting? 

This method is used to dislodge and remove debris and substances from drains, pipes, and sewers. It can also be used to remove stubborn stains or ingrained dirt on roads and footpaths. The high pressure stream is capable of breaking up rust, limescale, resins, paint, concrete, rubble, and a wide variety of heavy duty items. The jet quickly and efficiently removes bothersome blockages and unwanted stains, restoring drainage back to full working condition and cleaning walkways with ease.

Popular water jetting services

This service is popular in a wide range of industries and environments because it is such an efficient, powerful, and precise tool. Some of the most common applications our jetting services are used for include: 

  • Cleaning and unblocking drains and sewers
  • Descaling pipes
  • Tank cleaning
  • Surface preparation
  • Floor preparation

Our hire fleet 

Utility Site Solutions’ road sweepers come equipped with powerful jet lances capable of reaching the places that sweeper brushes cannot. All our Johnston VT652 tankers are fitted with high pressure jetting pumps and the latest high-tech equipment making them suitable for a wide range of everyday and challenging applications. 

Ideal for the cleaning of footpaths, paving, drains, hard to reach places, and stubborn stains and spillages, our jetting service is available as a one-off visit when you need emergency cleaning or unblocking services or as part of a road sweeping job. 

We offer flexible hire contacts for local authorities, contractors, highways, construction sites, warehouses, airport applications, and anyone else who needs our help! 

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    our latest road sweeper and Vacuum Excavation brochure
    Utility Site Solutions - Vacuum Excavation working in Wolverhampton
    Utility Site Solutions - Vacuum Excavation and Road Sweepers in West Midlands

    We are extremely proud of the high level of service we have become renown for, our dedicated team work hard on ensuring your project is expertly planned and immaculately carried out. Our fleet of road sweepers and vacuum excavation units is one of the most modern in the entire UK and benefits from the very latest on board technology and environmentally friendly credentials.